Sunday, September 23, 2012

School starts soon!

The past week I've been dealing with getting ready for school which starts on Monday. It seems every boo boo that I could have made, I made. I fixed most of it though. Between not having enough credits so my student loans didn't kick in to ordering the wrong book (I ordered a physical copy of the one book that is available for my Kindle... The Kindle version being $50 cheaper.) my brain felt rather explodey there for awhile. Hopefully I can be crafty today and finish a few projects on my desk! Usually, when I am stressed, knitting and crochet are my go-to crafts of choice. I find them very therapeutic. They are my form of meditation. I have 3 in-progress knitting projects. A shawl, scarf, and washcloth.

Here's hoping I am back on track today!

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