Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vanilla Peach Mango Jam

If you couldn't tell, I've been in Jam Mode ever since berry season started. Even though we picked fresh blackberries last night, my husband and I realized we had to use up the left-over mangos from the Strawberry Mango Jam we made earlier. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with them. I had wanted to make a batch of the Vanilla Peach Bourbon jam sans bourbon, so I decided to make some adjustments to that recipe and make Vanilla Peach Mango! I know there are recipes online for Vanilla Peach Mango jam, but I decided to go with adjusting the one I previously used. Since the original recipe called for 6 lbs of peaches, I made adjustments to replace some with my leftover mangos.

This is the original recipe I adjusted:

After peeling and pitting the peaches and mangos, I pureed them in the food processor. It made for a nice, smooth texture. I added my ingredients, cooked, and before I knew it, it was bath time!

The after-bath... (Haha snarf, punny)

We had about 1/3 of a pint left over so I let that cool and put it in the fridge. This is the finished texture the following day after it had been refrigerated.

Good stuff! The finished product did come out a little tart, but I love it! 
Now to make some thumb print cookies to test it out!

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